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can you guess who i am?

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hakunamatata Sun 03-Jul-05 22:37:55

"old" MNer with "new" name.

you like??

MrsGordonRamsay Sun 03-Jul-05 22:39:11

photo taken in a snow storm

eriksatie Sun 03-Jul-05 22:39:13


Caligula Sun 03-Jul-05 22:39:29

Give us a clue?

QueenEagle Sun 03-Jul-05 22:40:29

hunkermunker was my first thought.

Oh well "no worries"

MrsGordonRamsay Sun 03-Jul-05 22:42:09


Check out my Mastercard thread...............

I bloody love my Mummy

hakunamatata Sun 03-Jul-05 22:46:24

c'mon, ladies... what about your O-level French?

HappyHuggy Sun 03-Jul-05 22:50:50

My first thought was hunkermunker too.

maybe tiddlypom?

dont know

give us a clue!!!

HappyHuggy Sun 03-Jul-05 22:51:36

or ebbie?

hunkermunker Sun 03-Jul-05 22:52:33

Nope, not me

hakunamatata Sun 03-Jul-05 22:56:10

okay, here's your 1st clue: watched The Lion King with dd today (for the 1st time as we both managed to get thru the daddy dying scene without hysterics);

2nd clue: NO WORRIES

3rd clue: i'm fluent in french.

If you can't get it with all this help, there's no hope for you whatsoever! Diiiiimmmmmmm!

lunachic Sun 03-Jul-05 22:57:08

q of q ?

lunachic Sun 03-Jul-05 22:58:02

guessed b4 clues guess im prob wrong

lunachic Sun 03-Jul-05 22:58:35

guessed b4 clues guess im prob wrong

QueenEagle Sun 03-Jul-05 22:58:56


hakunamatata Sun 03-Jul-05 23:04:48

nope and nope!

SaintGeorge Sun 03-Jul-05 23:05:55

happymerryberries ?

strugstu Sun 03-Jul-05 23:07:36


RTKangaMummy Sun 03-Jul-05 23:07:51


QueenEagle Sun 03-Jul-05 23:07:59

Awww you're going to have to give us another clue!

RTKangaMummy Sun 03-Jul-05 23:08:18


QueenEagle Sun 03-Jul-05 23:08:38

Ah! Think RTKM might be right!

MrsGordonRamsay Sun 03-Jul-05 23:09:09

Do you like Hobbies????????????

QueenEagle Sun 03-Jul-05 23:09:14

As in trefusis I mean! Oui? Non?

wheresmyfroggy Sun 03-Jul-05 23:19:22

Did you used to smell like my dd's bubblebath?

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