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Well I might as well jump on the wedding photo bandwagon

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Titania Fri 24-Jun-05 10:38:34

so heres me and DH on our wedding day

Nightynight Fri 24-Jun-05 11:13:49

bless you my dears you do look like a sweet young couple

almostanangel Fri 24-Jun-05 11:14:24

well i didnt think you would look like that!!

almostanangel Fri 24-Jun-05 11:15:41

you are really pretty ,,i expected you would be bigger,,think name reminded me of tiatnic in staed of the goddess,,ooops lovely pic you look very happy

almostanangel Fri 24-Jun-05 11:16:07

my spelling is lame today

DaddyCool Fri 24-Jun-05 11:22:46

so basically what you're saying AAA is..... you thought she was a heifer?

Titania Fri 24-Jun-05 11:30:58

well i was 12 weeks pregnant and bloated at the time!

almostanangel Fri 24-Jun-05 11:34:16

dc your a bad boy! i never said that ,,i just make pictures in my head of people by there names..and oh hang on let me open my mouth and change feet!

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