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HappyHuggy Thu 23-Jun-05 23:33:42

there you go girls - post away

HappyHuggy Thu 23-Jun-05 23:35:35

our new babyworld members are feeling shy so can you please say hello to them

fatmomma Thu 23-Jun-05 23:35:48

Am I in the right place for the new girls clique??!!

hunkermunker Thu 23-Jun-05 23:36:01

Hello ladies, welcome to MN! Enjoy it

MistressMary Thu 23-Jun-05 23:36:03

Hello to all the new members form Mistressmary.
Hope you like it here.

handlemecarefully Thu 23-Jun-05 23:37:07

Don't be wallflowers, join in!


HappyHuggy Thu 23-Jun-05 23:38:11

see i told you we were nice really!

now dont be shy post post post!!!

charleepeters Thu 23-Jun-05 23:39:24

Dont be shy ladies we wont bite i promise!!!

suzi2 Thu 23-Jun-05 23:40:36

Hello all - I'm a newbie... what would you like to know about me?

HappyHuggy Thu 23-Jun-05 23:40:40

maybe they've started there own clique...

HappyHuggy Thu 23-Jun-05 23:41:03

there you are!!!

tell all!!!!

fatmomma Thu 23-Jun-05 23:41:24

Am I the only new girl awake?

fatmomma Thu 23-Jun-05 23:44:45

Hello suzi2, have you done a profile? Mine's here

QueenOfQuotes Thu 23-Jun-05 23:47:00

hiya folks

SleepyJess Thu 23-Jun-05 23:47:11

Wotcha you lot You already know me anyway

SJ x

suzi2 Thu 23-Jun-05 23:50:03

Here's my profile...


I know a few of you already... the troublemakers...

SleepyJess Thu 23-Jun-05 23:55:50

Well I'm not one! I am guilty of starting the infamous thread though so my name's probably mud with BW.. but in my defence I had no way of knowing it would develop the way it did! I just wanted to share a late night giggle over Lou's double identity with my cyber buddies on MN

MarsLady Fri 24-Jun-05 00:04:34

hello girlies! Welcome to our addiction lol

HappyHuggy Fri 24-Jun-05 00:05:18

do you like my piccie btw???

fatmomma Fri 24-Jun-05 00:09:27

I do HH, I've seen something similar before but can't place it.

suzi2 Fri 24-Jun-05 00:13:26

lol SJ - your posts have always been very reasonable!

suzi2 Fri 24-Jun-05 00:14:14

HH - I do like the piccy. is that you on a good hair day?

HappyHuggy Fri 24-Jun-05 00:49:56

dont you think im stunning?

you're just

champs Fri 24-Jun-05 01:54:06

hi and welcome, let the addiction begin

HappyHuggy Fri 24-Jun-05 12:35:24


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