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this is me at a similar age

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DaddyCool Thu 23-Jun-05 16:15:27

yes, babycool certainly is a clone. this is me in the seventies.

jessicasmummy Thu 23-Jun-05 16:16:17

awww bless!!! I can see where babycool gets his looks from! I WISH I WAS IN THAT SNOW RIGHT NOW!

Iklboo Thu 23-Jun-05 16:16:26

Aw you little heartbreaker you!

almostanangel Thu 23-Jun-05 16:17:32

thats not you!

DaddyCool Thu 23-Jun-05 16:18:02

lol! what do you mean that's not me!

almostanangel Thu 23-Jun-05 16:18:12

far too cute

almostanangel Thu 23-Jun-05 16:18:37

ooh look at the iccle chubby cheeks

DaddyCool Thu 23-Jun-05 16:19:06

i've still got chubby cheeks. dw pinches them.

almostanangel Thu 23-Jun-05 16:20:04


sweetmonkey Thu 23-Jun-05 16:24:02

babycool MUCH sweeter and cuter!!!!

DaddyCool Thu 23-Jun-05 16:25:38

yes, he is

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