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Jessi having a nappy day!

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jessicasmummy Thu 23-Jun-05 15:38:18

Bless her...

fastasleep Thu 23-Jun-05 15:39:17

Aww she's like a little chubby cherub!

jessicasmummy Thu 23-Jun-05 15:54:09

she is a little chubby bless her

DaddyCool Thu 23-Jun-05 16:00:04

. how old is she?

jessicasmummy Thu 23-Jun-05 16:01:25

11 months

DaddyCool Thu 23-Jun-05 16:03:22

she's not chubby is she? she's just about right by the look of it. she's lovely. is the heat really getting to her?

jessicasmummy Thu 23-Jun-05 16:08:01

she's doing really well actually... its me that cant cope!

she's got fat little legs but a skinny body!

have managed to get the most liquid into her today ever - she is on bottle number 4 of juice!

anteater Thu 23-Jun-05 16:13:30

Did the travel cot arrive??

jessicasmummy Thu 23-Jun-05 16:13:56

yes thank you - was trying to find the thread!!!

fastasleep Thu 23-Jun-05 17:00:17

Ooh didn't mean to imply she was a fatty, my DS has always been underweight for some reason, so everyone's a chubby cherub compared to him!

jessicasmummy Thu 23-Jun-05 17:12:21

no offence taken mate!

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