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the world's most serious baby

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eidsvold Thu 23-Jun-05 00:42:59

dd2 can pull the most serious face I have ever seen in a baby - so seems to have such a wise old air about her..... or perhaps it is a weary air after being harrassed and prodded and annoyed by dd1

clary Thu 23-Jun-05 00:46:09

oh bless her, she does look like an old head on young shoulders! sweet how dd1 is stroking her hair there (I hope )

Maisiemog Thu 23-Jun-05 02:55:10

Aaaah! They are both absolutely gorgeous. I love that sad face. Take her out busking, you'll make a fortune!

Lizzylou Thu 23-Jun-05 05:59:27

She looks like she is deep in thought...very lovely little girls

eidsvold Thu 23-Jun-05 23:18:41

this time clary she is stroking her sister's head

fatmomma Thu 23-Jun-05 23:40:08

lol maisiemog.

They are lovely clary, she's going to be a girl of deep though! My ds has a very serious side. People come up to him in the street and grin and pull silly faces and he just stares right back at them

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