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DS poooooooosssssibly......................

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LGJ Sat 18-Jun-05 15:16:08

This is just a test photo

LGJ Sat 18-Jun-05 15:16:42

Too blimmin big

LGJ Sat 18-Jun-05 15:17:06

will resize and regroup

jessicasmummy Sat 18-Jun-05 15:17:13

when you click on export from picasa, change the pixels to below 360 - i find 350 works a treat

LGJ Sat 18-Jun-05 15:20:20


jessicasmummy Sat 18-Jun-05 15:21:20

awww bless!!!! WELL DONE!

suzywong Sat 18-Jun-05 15:29:32

what a great photo, he is a handsome fellow, how old is he?

LGJ Sat 18-Jun-05 15:30:33

Just gone 4

suzywong Sat 18-Jun-05 15:38:31

aha! thought so, same as my ds1, I can spot the eagerness of a just turned four year old

LGJ Sat 18-Jun-05 15:40:36

Eagerness that is one word for it

I nearly lost an eye to an exuberant pirates sword two minutes ago.

LGJ Sat 18-Jun-05 15:46:34

Right off out, will post some more later.

hunkermunker Sat 18-Jun-05 15:59:00


Missed him!

I think I recognise that daisy, LGJ

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