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my ds will be 3 tomorrow

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trace2 Fri 17-Jun-05 22:04:35

ds modelling for tomy

aloha Fri 17-Jun-05 22:06:52

He's a lovely boy! Happy birthday to him.

trace2 Fri 17-Jun-05 22:07:28


aloha Fri 17-Jun-05 22:15:32

It's very quiet here on Friday nights - dont' take it personally if not many people post. He is gorgeous and I think three is a lovely age!

misdee Fri 17-Jun-05 22:18:56

happy birthday to yoooooooooooou

(to trace2 little boy)

trace2 Fri 17-Jun-05 22:19:53

thanks that ok i now hes gorgeous and yes three is a good age, he just getting his personality.

trace2 Fri 17-Jun-05 22:25:28


emily05 Fri 17-Jun-05 23:00:19

what a little stunner

trace2 Sat 18-Jun-05 10:30:32

he is now three and dont we know it,

norash Sat 18-Jun-05 10:44:38

Happy Birthday.

RTKangaMummy Sat 18-Jun-05 11:16:39

emily05 Sat 18-Jun-05 13:33:45

happy birthday little trace2!

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