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this pic is soo cute

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misdee Thu 16-Jun-05 16:50:26

IMO anyway.

starshaker Thu 16-Jun-05 16:51:40

cant see anything

sparklymieow Thu 16-Jun-05 16:53:27


misdee Thu 16-Jun-05 16:54:54

arrrrrrrgh cant get it working

sparklymieow Thu 16-Jun-05 16:56:05


Kelly1978 Thu 16-Jun-05 16:56:44

what's the prob?

starshaker Thu 16-Jun-05 16:57:51

awww bless wee hunnys

Kelly1978 Thu 16-Jun-05 16:58:44

aww, u got there, a lovely pic too.

Marina Thu 16-Jun-05 16:58:55

OMG misdee your little dd looks so like mine in this one! Two gorgeous girls there (and mine's not bad either once she gets rid of her chickenpox scabs)

sparklymieow Thu 16-Jun-05 16:58:56

awww she looks so grown up Misdee, (dd3 I mean) and dd1 is beautiful too.. but you knew that already.

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