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lunavix's wedding 2

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lunavix Thu 16-Jun-05 13:30:23

just so I can show off dh! (well, the dress actually )

NomDePlume Thu 16-Jun-05 13:31:57

gorgeous frock

beansmum Thu 16-Jun-05 13:32:00

that's a GORGEOUS dress! v jealous, I want to get married

Lucycat Thu 16-Jun-05 13:32:02

Wow what a dress, you look fabulous - when was your big day?

lunavix Thu 16-Jun-05 13:32:24

Saturday just gone!

oliveoil Thu 16-Jun-05 13:32:41

nice cleavage!

I mean that in a nice way

lunavix Thu 16-Jun-05 13:33:09

I know! Nobody told me they were that high!!!!

Kelly1978 Thu 16-Jun-05 13:33:11

me too
can't tho.

lilibet Thu 16-Jun-05 13:33:58

oh you look so elegant - very lovely!

MandM Thu 16-Jun-05 13:34:12

Gorgeous, gorgeous dress!

roosmum Fri 17-Jun-05 09:17:34

great dress & fab flowers (& yr dh looks pretty smart too!)

ahhhh, weddings - so lovely!

hope you're enjoying wedded bliss

charleepeters Fri 17-Jun-05 09:43:24

aww what a pretty bride you make

Hulababy Fri 17-Jun-05 09:44:42

So lovely; you look great!

Evesmama Fri 17-Jun-05 09:51:14

WOW you stunner you!!!

lunavix Fri 17-Jun-05 09:59:01

I don't know about that

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