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Little babe checking out the latest on mumsnet!!

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Slave2Babe Tue 14-Jun-05 22:54:24

she didnt like the advice that was being posted about sleep training ...

charleepeters Tue 14-Jun-05 22:55:44

cant see her?

charleepeters Tue 14-Jun-05 22:56:41

aww bless her little cotton socks!

Evesmama Tue 14-Jun-05 23:01:03

check out those lovely locks!!!

hunkermunker Tue 14-Jun-05 23:29:38

Ooh, gorgeous! What beautiful colouring and sweet features! And edible cheeks

marthamoo Tue 14-Jun-05 23:36:49

Oh how gorgeous is she?

HappyHuggy Wed 15-Jun-05 00:16:54

shes so cute

MarsLady Wed 15-Jun-05 00:22:44

gorgeous. Who'd want to sleep train her? Surely you just want to sit and cuddle her all night?

Slave2Babe Wed 15-Jun-05 19:03:08

MarsLady, you have seen the problem!

Thomcat Thu 16-Jun-05 10:58:21

Yum, look at thosae cheeeks, she's lovely.

biglips Thu 16-Jun-05 10:58:55

aww ssssssoooooo cute!!!

Sponge Thu 16-Jun-05 11:27:11

That is one very cute baby. Can I have her?

edodgy Thu 16-Jun-05 11:28:40

aww gorgeous and squeezable cheeks!

almostanangel Thu 16-Jun-05 11:31:40

she looks like a doll shes sweet

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