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Little Lottie 1

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Thomcat Mon 13-Jun-05 13:10:01

This was taken last weekend.

Lucycat Mon 13-Jun-05 13:16:44

Please try again, I want to see how she's growing! how are you TC? Keeping well?

Janh Mon 13-Jun-05 13:18:24

She's looking like you again, TC!

Love the cowgirl boots

Thomcat Mon 13-Jun-05 13:18:36

Sorry, I always have to resize them about 8 times before they'll fit.
you can't really see her here now though.
I'm going to try again with another one!

i'm fine, had 12 week scan on Thursday and all good

lunavix Mon 13-Jun-05 13:19:25

She's stunning tc

nailpolish Mon 13-Jun-05 13:20:53

love the boots - shes a real daisy duke!

Gwenick Mon 13-Jun-05 13:20:58

She's lovely

Lucycat Mon 13-Jun-05 13:21:29

Ahh she's gorgeous, and soooo cool. lurve the boots! Glad you're well!

Nbg Mon 13-Jun-05 13:21:59

Awww she's so lovely

alibubbles Mon 13-Jun-05 18:29:43

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Mon 13-Jun-05 18:30:22

Beautiful And what lovely hair!

rodeo1 Mon 13-Jun-05 18:34:49

AWWWWWWW!!!! she's gorge - which is hardly surprising as I've just witnessed the gorgeous tummy she came out of!! Love the boots!

AngelCakeUmm Mon 13-Jun-05 18:38:41

Oh Tc she is gorgeous what a lovely pic, trendy boots

HellKat Mon 13-Jun-05 18:39:57

Aww little cutie!

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