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Finally i have sussed it!

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jbadgirl Sun 12-Jun-05 11:54:14

This is me and ds about 2 months ago when he was about 6 months x

cazzybabs Sun 12-Jun-05 12:03:36

OMG what a cutie! Can't type anymore dp will be very cross if I caught reading MN as am supposed to be writing eassy!

Trixie1 Sun 12-Jun-05 12:04:28

Baddy,lovely picture, he's a little dumplin aint he, all cuddly.
call me careful, but worries me when piccys shown on net. Not sure what can be done with them but I dont even send them the conventional way via family.

KathH Sun 12-Jun-05 18:18:22


jessicasmummy Sun 12-Jun-05 18:19:26

such a tiny for being 6 months..... so cute though.... maybe i just have a monster!

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