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Here is my little smiler again!

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Flossam Sat 11-Jun-05 23:18:57

Sorry I have to share it. Hope no-one minds.

kama Sat 11-Jun-05 23:20:01

Message withdrawn

Flossam Sat 11-Jun-05 23:21:15

Just 7 months now.

biglips Sat 11-Jun-05 23:21:53

what a smiler !!!

Nbg Sat 11-Jun-05 23:24:06


Nbg Sat 11-Jun-05 23:25:15

He's a real cutie though and a poser

Flossam Sat 11-Jun-05 23:25:58

Sorry NBG!

Nbg Sat 11-Jun-05 23:26:54

The more pics I see, the more broodier I get!

emily05 Sat 11-Jun-05 23:26:54

ahhh! bless, what a cutie

Flossam Sat 11-Jun-05 23:54:48

But NBG, wouldn't about 2 and a half years between your two be a lovely age gap?! (sorry)!

Nbg Mon 13-Jun-05 13:14:57

Curse you Flossam

moondog Mon 13-Jun-05 13:18:48

Little flower!
(Mind?! Are you mad,woman!? )

nailpolish Mon 13-Jun-05 13:19:35

yay flossam - i love it when you give us picks of your darling baby! hes gorgeous gorgeous! what a honey xx

Thomcat Mon 13-Jun-05 13:25:03

And what a smiler he is - gorgeous

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