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I am officially changing my name...

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Nbg Sat 11-Jun-05 22:32:30

because I am lazy.

LGJ Sat 11-Jun-05 22:34:33


Or are you now NBG ???

As in the artist formerly known as New Barnsley now NBG

Nbg Sat 11-Jun-05 22:35:44


Thank you for clearing up any confusion early on

Nbg Sat 11-Jun-05 22:43:51

Here Queenie

coppertop Sat 11-Jun-05 22:44:52

Lazy b*gger!

Nbg Sat 11-Jun-05 22:50:10

JoolsToo Sat 11-Jun-05 22:51:01

aha! nice one NBG - very wise congratulations

Nbg Sat 11-Jun-05 23:04:22


LGJ Sat 11-Jun-05 23:29:31

Can I......... suggest you change it again, and make it NBG, looks so much more positive

Nbg Sat 11-Jun-05 23:32:22

Are you joking?

dropinthe Sat 11-Jun-05 23:34:10

Thats downright slothy-how often do you actually have to write NewBarnsleyGirl???????????????

Nbg Sat 11-Jun-05 23:35:43

Everytime I come on here, which for the last week has been everyday, on and off

Plus everyone puts Nbg or NBG.

Dior Sat 11-Jun-05 23:47:44

Message withdrawn

dropinthe Sat 11-Jun-05 23:53:18

Am I being thick? Your name is in the mnet memory isnt it??

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