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Mothernatures updated piccie

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Mothernature Fri 10-Jun-05 12:11:29

Now that I'm going...[hope this works]

NomDePlume Fri 10-Jun-05 12:12:13

going ?

going where ?

Mothernature Mon 13-Jun-05 11:58:16

Ive got a new job, so wont be on here very much, managed to suss out how to do the photos, this was taken last summer and am please to say I dont look much like that anymore, my hair is shorter dd is all grown-up ala teenager style ie black nailpolish etc..

Mothernature Mon 13-Jun-05 12:28:50

BUMP - going to work now maybe back tommorow xx

colditz Mon 13-Jun-05 12:31:07

She is very teenagery, how old is she? Looks a bit like my little sister

charliecat Mon 13-Jun-05 12:33:14

She looks lovely! you too!

Mothernature Mon 13-Jun-05 12:37:15

15 this is her now

charliecat Mon 13-Jun-05 12:39:49

my computer id dying when i click on your link

charliecat Mon 13-Jun-05 13:40:44

Got it now! Shes lovely!

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