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Frenchgirl's dd

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FrenchGirl Mon 06-Jun-05 20:55:05

Let's see.....

dinny Mon 06-Jun-05 20:58:28

How old is she, Frenchgirl? V sweet!

FrenchGirl Mon 06-Jun-05 20:58:30

wheyhey!!!! it worked, even though it's a bit blurry......

FrenchGirl Mon 06-Jun-05 20:59:35

she'll be 6 in July. This was taken last February, her hair is now cut in a bob.

MarsLady Mon 06-Jun-05 21:03:03


Gem1355 Mon 06-Jun-05 21:19:48

Cute smile!

galaxy Mon 06-Jun-05 21:27:08

How very cute!

whymummy Mon 06-Jun-05 21:31:06

bon soir frenchgirl she's lovely
how are you?

FrenchGirl Tue 07-Jun-05 10:01:16

Hola whymummy!!! Sorry I disappeared like that but dh came home and we had dinner and watched the repeat of 24...... I'm well thanks, and you? Don't do much MN anymore, like you. It's just a bit 'funny' at the moment....
and thank you dinny, MarsLady, Gem1355 and Galaxy for the kind comments, she is my gorgeous fabulous girl!

marthamoo Tue 07-Jun-05 10:02:24

Gorgeous girl !

FrenchGirl Tue 07-Jun-05 10:03:29


moondog Tue 07-Jun-05 10:04:59

..tres tres belle!

FrenchGirl Tue 07-Jun-05 10:09:25

whymummy Tue 07-Jun-05 13:56:33

hola frenchgirl i'm ok thanks,i had a nasty virus in my old computer and i lost everything including your email address,mine's still the same it'll be good to hear what you've been up to
au revoir mon amie

FrenchGirl Wed 08-Jun-05 10:05:06

whymummy, I 'll be in touch by e-mail soon, but have to go!! See you later!

Lizzylou Wed 08-Jun-05 10:08:16

Lovely girl with beautiful hair.......

FrenchGirl Wed 08-Jun-05 10:13:05

thank you Lizzylou! she's always had a lot of beautiful shiny hair, but she'd like to be blonde! Grrrrrr

Lizzylou Wed 08-Jun-05 10:14:05

Oh no! She has beautiful lustrous locks!
We always want the opposite of what we have tho...

Marina Wed 08-Jun-05 10:19:27

Tres jolie et tres "petite Francaise" AMA!

FrenchGirl Wed 08-Jun-05 10:24:22

Merci Marina, elle est tres mignonne, je suis d'accord!

teeavee Wed 08-Jun-05 10:33:27

trop mimi!
she'll break a few hearts when she's older methinks

DaddyCool Wed 08-Jun-05 10:39:55

she looks french! great photo

FrenchGirl Wed 08-Jun-05 11:06:16

you've all put a big smile on my face!!! merci

nikcola Wed 08-Jun-05 11:07:04

she beautifull, lovely hair

whymummy Wed 08-Jun-05 11:08:46

d'accord guapa,je look forward to it

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