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how do i add a photo? [sad]

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JinglyBits Fri 03-Jun-05 23:49:29

please help! have something cute for you!

lunachic Fri 03-Jun-05 23:59:52

i would like to find this out too-the easy way-ie will someone please tell us in foolproof steps
we might have a better chance tomorrow of finding someone awake/sober enough to help !

SaintGeorge Sat 04-Jun-05 00:01:38

Start a thread in Member Profiles (or For sale).

Post first message. When your first message is posted a blue link will appear (to you only). Click it and follow instructions.

Pics need to be jpg format and less than 18k.


JinglyBits Sat 04-Jun-05 00:06:44

my pictures all seem to be around 800kb, is that normal? how can i make them less?! try to upload and am refused

hunkermunker Sat 04-Jun-05 00:07:28

Download Picasa and you can use it to export photos resized to 18kb or less.

SaintGeorge Sat 04-Jun-05 00:08:28

Various software around (see thread in chat now re Picasa)

Or email to me and I will do for you. I'll be around for about another half an hour.

antlxstew @ (remove spaces)

JinglyBits Sat 04-Jun-05 00:20:04

I'm sending them to you sg i give up! am a failure! thankyou, thankyou!

JinglyBits Sat 04-Jun-05 00:22:12

hm i downloaded picasa but not sure how to get photos out of there! i need computer training! used to be a waitress didn't involve any computer skills...just singing ontop of chairs!

SaintGeorge Sat 04-Jun-05 00:24:05

Got them, won't be long.

JinglyBits Sat 04-Jun-05 00:24:28


hunkermunker Sat 04-Jun-05 00:26:05

Click on the pic, click on export (bottom right button), then set the slide arrows to 320 pixels and 40% quality.

It will export the pic to a new folder, then you browse to it when you are adding a pic on here.

jessicasmummy Sat 04-Jun-05 00:26:41

if i can do it anyone can!!!!

SaintGeorge Sat 04-Jun-05 00:31:36

Sorry Jingly, you might have to try Picasa. I have done them, but my email has crashed and I can't get them back to you . Will keep trying.

JinglyBits Sat 04-Jun-05 00:35:29

thankyou saint g! i did one! i did one! i'm so happy!!!!!!! you r so lovely for helping me! thanku, thanku! x.

JinglyBits Sat 04-Jun-05 00:37:16

damn it! wrong picture! let me open another thread, it is funny, the one i want to show you. ....this is ds's 1st bithday a few weeks ago!

JinglyBits Sat 04-Jun-05 00:38:21

yey, the right one!

jessicasmummy Sat 04-Jun-05 00:38:51

awww bless!

JinglyBits Sat 04-Jun-05 01:12:04

right i'm going to bed, something hm said about not leaving her ds unattended while she was offline made me go all protective and so i've decided to change photos and stay here with ds...silly silly moo!

Antoinette Sat 04-Jun-05 08:30:04

Hiya You!! How are ya?

lunachic Sat 04-Jun-05 09:47:09

aw hes really cute !
need to get a picture of my cuties on too..

JinglyBits Sat 04-Jun-05 12:26:29

antoinette is that you? what r u doing on here?! hows dd?

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