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Marsy - quick, over here!

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SaintGeorge Fri 03-Jun-05 12:45:50

A belated birthday cake for Mars.

Baked just this minute especially for you

Aero Fri 03-Jun-05 12:46:46

pmsl SG !!!!!

SaintGeorge Fri 03-Jun-05 12:47:15

She was sulking on another thread so I had to make amends

jessicasmummy Fri 03-Jun-05 12:48:06

awww bless!!!!

MarsLady Fri 03-Jun-05 12:50:26


Thanks SG

SaintGeorge Fri 03-Jun-05 12:52:41

Glad you like it.

(I would have been quicker but I had to remove the 'Happy 40th Birthday Richard' bit first )

MarsLady Fri 03-Jun-05 12:54:16

lol might have been a bit embarrassing as I am neither a Richard, nor am I 40 (yet!)

gotta go make lunch for the DTs and the screaming masses will be back shortly.

Titania Fri 03-Jun-05 12:59:33

hahahaha...i like that!!!

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