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Lilibet's dd took her first steps..................................

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lilibet Thu 02-Jun-05 22:58:22

...............on the 2nd December 1989!! It seems all of two or three years ago, And this is her now at sweet 16!

For all those starting out - it's worth every moment, the sleepless nights, the controlled crying, the panicking over every little sniffle, are they feeding too much/not enough, starting school, every problem and crisis that we post about and agonise over is worth it.

I am incredibly proud of her, she is a really wonderful person and has supported me an awful lot over the past few years during which I split up with her Dad, moved house four times, and fell in love with now Dh. This is her stealing the show at my wedding - and no one better could have done it!

All I have to do now is put the photo on!!

Janh Thu 02-Jun-05 22:59:26

No pics yet, lili, but yes, she is a treasure

lilibet Thu 02-Jun-05 23:23:16

I have been reducing and reducing my picture - now it is down to 8.46 and it still won't let me put it on as it keeps saying 'under 18kb' it is under 18 kb

very very

hunkermunker Thu 02-Jun-05 23:25:54


It needs to be tinier - kb are MUCH smaller. Can you reduce the quality of it a bit?

hotmummy Thu 02-Jun-05 23:26:10

do you want to email me it quickley and I will see if I can do it for you

SaintGeorge Thu 02-Jun-05 23:29:13

Is it a jpg or a bitmap? You might need to change the format.

Offer of help still open.

SaintGeorge Thu 02-Jun-05 23:29:57

Ignore last message, it's just landed in my in box

kama Thu 02-Jun-05 23:30:54

Message withdrawn

lilibet Thu 02-Jun-05 23:31:09

I sent you a photo of shoes by mistake St George!!!

jampots Thu 02-Jun-05 23:31:10

i cant wait either

lilibet Thu 02-Jun-05 23:31:54

sent ti to you hotmummy!

lilibet Thu 02-Jun-05 23:32:45


if it's always like this you are never going to get to see the ds's!!

hunkermunker Thu 02-Jun-05 23:33:07

PMSL at shoe pic!

If you download Picasa software from Google, you can do it using that.

lilibet Thu 02-Jun-05 23:37:57

I'm really not good at this!

SaintGeorge Thu 02-Jun-05 23:38:51

S'okay, I resized it cos I thought you sent it on purpose - I was waiting for the screams of outrage when you posted a thread with it on

Just doing the genuine article now, 2 secs

lilibet Thu 02-Jun-05 23:40:39

But aren't they nice shoes???

SaintGeorge Thu 02-Jun-05 23:42:30

Absolutely lovely shoes - I want some!

Pic on it's way back to you now

lilibet Thu 02-Jun-05 23:47:05

got the one of me - ta!

did you get the one of dd?

no one is going to look at this once it's on!

lilibet Thu 02-Jun-05 23:47:34

got it!!!


SaintGeorge Thu 02-Jun-05 23:47:46

DD on her way to you now.

lilibet Thu 02-Jun-05 23:49:31


woo hoo for St George!!

sunchowder Thu 02-Jun-05 23:50:24

She is gorgeous! I came back to the PC just now to see her!!! WOW, now I want to see you too Lillibet.

Newbarnsleygirl Thu 02-Jun-05 23:50:35

She's 16!!!

Very pretty girl.

handlemecarefully Thu 02-Jun-05 23:55:31

My god she's beautiful.

It's lovely to read your message about her too - uplifting when you are dealing with a taxing threenager!

Gwenick Thu 02-Jun-05 23:56:06

wow - what a gorgeous daughter you've got!!!

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