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look what dh got me [smile]

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misdee Thu 02-Jun-05 20:55:59

sparklymieow Thu 02-Jun-05 20:56:26

WHAT!!!!!!!!! come on!!!!!!

starlover Thu 02-Jun-05 20:56:50

what is it?????

biglips Thu 02-Jun-05 20:58:31

the flowers ?!, if yes they are gorgeous

misdee Thu 02-Jun-05 20:58:50

arent they lovely!!

pixiefish Thu 02-Jun-05 20:58:57


sparklymieow Thu 02-Jun-05 20:59:10

awwwww he is so sloppy!!!!!! you wait till I see him!!!!!!!

PinkFluffPudding Thu 02-Jun-05 20:59:10

Oh go away.

bubblerock Thu 02-Jun-05 20:59:17

Awwwwwwww - what a babe!! Just going to drag my DH in here and show him!

Miaou Thu 02-Jun-05 20:59:21

Awww, misdee, how nice!!!

Is P out of hosp at the moment?

PinkFluffPudding Thu 02-Jun-05 20:59:31

That was a joke.

misdee Thu 02-Jun-05 21:00:08

he is out atm. has to go in next week to collect some bottles for tests the folowing week. he also sent his mum a bunch of flowers.

tamum Thu 02-Jun-05 21:00:57

They're lovely. You're a lucky girl, in spite of everything.

tamum Thu 02-Jun-05 21:02:35

That came out wrong sorry- you deserve every last petal, actually.

sparklymieow Thu 02-Jun-05 21:03:44

He sent her roses on Valetines day too, from his hospital bed

misdee Thu 02-Jun-05 21:26:24

jessicasmummy Thu 02-Jun-05 21:27:31

that is really sweet.... u deserve it though.

darlingbud Thu 02-Jun-05 21:28:20


The only flowers I get are the table decorations from his monthly meeting - I suppose its better than none though.

Janh Thu 02-Jun-05 21:29:06

aw, misdee, you two are so sweet He is lovely and you do deserve them!

tiddlypom Thu 02-Jun-05 21:40:10

Had to look - gorgeous! Lucky you!

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