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Mummyhill and littlehill second attempt

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mummyhill Thu 02-Jun-05 10:17:31

Think i have sussed it out now

mummyhill Thu 02-Jun-05 10:18:51

Wow will have to remember how to do that in september when we become mummyhill and her littlehills!!!!

Lizzylou Thu 02-Jun-05 10:40:13

Cute picture!

Ronniebaby Fri 03-Jun-05 17:59:01

mummyhill I'll defo recognise you,

dawnie1 Fri 03-Jun-05 18:00:06

Gorgeous photo - you have a beautiful little girl

Ronniebaby Fri 03-Jun-05 18:06:08

Mummyhill - check this out

Us 3

Puff Fri 03-Jun-05 22:29:18

lovely - is she cuddling your face ?

mummyhill Tue 07-Jun-05 23:53:02

She has hold of my face so that i don't turn away from the camera as i hate havinh my photo taken. Where as dd is very photogenic and as soon as she sees a camera she poses till you take as many photos as possible we deffinatley get bored before she does.

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