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Angel's hopefully adopted mogs!!

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swiperfox Wed 01-Jun-05 18:10:56

They're beautiful!!

swiperfox Wed 01-Jun-05 18:11:50

jessicasmummy Wed 01-Jun-05 18:11:57

awww... bless xxxx

nutcracker Wed 01-Jun-05 18:12:56

Awww they are lovely. We should get our cat soon.

almostanangel Wed 01-Jun-05 18:14:31

well done swiper!!

swiperfox Wed 01-Jun-05 18:15:10

Are they Bengals?

almostanangel Wed 01-Jun-05 18:15:29


almostanangel Wed 01-Jun-05 18:17:24

will know friday ......

dizzymama Wed 01-Jun-05 18:17:43

Stick with the cats! Better looking than my dh

almostanangel Wed 01-Jun-05 18:18:30

and they like to have their tummys tickled!

dizzymama Wed 01-Jun-05 18:19:38

............diplomatic silence..........................

almostanangel Wed 01-Jun-05 18:20:16

and sit on your lap purring

almostanangel Wed 01-Jun-05 18:21:57

swiper ?? is my pic not on my mem prof? i can see it or did a joke go over my head?

dizzymama Wed 01-Jun-05 18:22:04

Depends if I'm tickling him correctly!! (it's far too early in the evening!!!!!!!! )

almostanangel Wed 01-Jun-05 18:23:00

well cough cough!! ermmmmmmm..nice weather isnt it lol

almostanangel Wed 01-Jun-05 18:23:51

and they like to get in the shower with you so ive been told!

dizzymama Wed 01-Jun-05 18:24:10

Ermmm...yes... and M&S's new food line is wonderful....I'llget my coat!!

dizzymama Wed 01-Jun-05 18:24:56

Doh!!! We were doing so well...not!!! Dh thinks I have found a kindred spirit!!

almostanangel Wed 01-Jun-05 18:25:03

where were we,,,cats nice friday hopefully phew

almostanangel Wed 01-Jun-05 18:25:48

my dh says i am one of a kind not sure if its a compliment!!

dizzymama Wed 01-Jun-05 18:26:06

Yes, cats are lovely, I'll cross my fingers for you!!

almostanangel Wed 01-Jun-05 18:26:08

where are u?

almostanangel Wed 01-Jun-05 18:26:50

tell your dh whenever i squeeze bluetack i will think of him

dizzymama Wed 01-Jun-05 18:28:30

In worcestershire hon. Dh says %%$$%%% %%$$££"£ no, he's not swearing, it's just too x rated for this early in the evening!!!

almostanangel Wed 01-Jun-05 18:31:59

saucy get it lol lol lol

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