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Ronniebaby's babies

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Ronniebaby Tue 31-May-05 22:02:44

Here are my 2 angels

bibiboo Tue 31-May-05 22:05:50


biglips Tue 31-May-05 22:30:26

awww - lovely piccy of both together - what are their ages?

jangus Tue 31-May-05 22:42:28

wee dotes.

Janh Tue 31-May-05 22:44:28

They are lovely, ronnie - DS1 is so grown-up now!

(Um - what are those yellow things on DS2's arms...?)

Newbarnsleygirl Tue 31-May-05 22:47:31

Aww what a lovely piccie.


Ronniebaby Wed 01-Jun-05 19:22:39

The eldest is nearly 5, and the youngest is 5 months

Ronniebaby Wed 01-Jun-05 19:23:46

Janh, we tie hi up every night, well we have to get him used to it

No seriously he was just about to go in his door bouncer so those yellow straps are for that.

flobbleflobble Wed 01-Jun-05 19:29:44

They are beautiful!

mummyhill Thu 02-Jun-05 09:36:01

Will have no trouble recognising you when we meet up next week if you leave the yellow thingies on!!! Seriousley though what a cute pair.

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