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Bride Flame

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MRSflamesparrow Tue 31-May-05 17:29:49

Tis me all fairy-fied!!!

cadbury Tue 31-May-05 17:31:31

Aww, how wonderful Congratulations Mrs! You look wonderful. Wish the photo was a bit bigger though (nosey parker cadders!)

Xena Tue 31-May-05 17:38:41

Congratualtions Hope you had a great day

MRSflamesparrow Tue 31-May-05 17:45:10

Tryin to work out how to make it bigger

coldtea Tue 31-May-05 17:46:05

Congratulations! You look fab & it looks like the weather was kind to you!

Have you got your new signiture pefected yet, i remember spending hours trying new ones out!

SaintGeorge Tue 31-May-05 17:46:05

Do you want me to have a go for you?

antlxstew @ (remove spaces)

MRSflamesparrow Tue 31-May-05 17:49:34

I haven't got the original yet So, it is that size or fuzzy!! I will redo it when I get the decent size one

MarsLady Tue 31-May-05 17:53:43

Congratulations! You look fab!

MRSflamesparrow Tue 31-May-05 17:54:41

Ah-ha!! A bit bigger!!!

My sister should be sending me a pile soon, so I can give you full dress shots

SaintGeorge Tue 31-May-05 17:54:43

Yey, can see you now. You all look lovely and very happy

Xena Tue 31-May-05 17:55:18

Ohhh you look fab

almostanangel Tue 31-May-05 17:56:07

wow !! wow and wow AAA is speachless!! nah i m not you look stunning !! wow

MRSflamesparrow Tue 31-May-05 17:57:22

DD with her nice giant plaster She sobbed most of the day too and refused to part with the dummy

fastasleep Tue 31-May-05 18:04:36

Yay for MRSFS!!!

jampots Tue 31-May-05 18:19:18

gorgeous family xx Congratulations xx

NomDePlume Tue 31-May-05 18:37:08

Really lovely pic MrsFS, you look much younger than I imagined.

nutcracker Tue 31-May-05 18:45:06

Oh wow you look fantastic, congratulations.

Gomez Tue 31-May-05 18:49:02

My goodness you look gorgeous (and familiar, Clare from D&G with a languages degree from HW, but probably not thou'?)

Enjoy married life.

Gomez Tue 31-May-05 19:34:58

bump - sure it is you

MRSflamesparrow Tue 31-May-05 23:40:09

Nope... definately not me... can't do languages to save my life!!! The best I can do is "wo ist der camping platz"

MRSflamesparrow Tue 31-May-05 23:40:28

NDP... how old were you imagining me then???

NomDePlume Wed 01-Jun-05 14:36:30

MrsFS, i had you down as a red head (i think i was right on that one from the photo), but i thought you were much older, in your late 30's maybe. I think it's because I know you're close friends with pychomumof5 (i think) and I also have her down as late 30's. not very well explained but that's it.

Hausfrau Wed 01-Jun-05 14:49:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NomDePlume Wed 01-Jun-05 14:50:20

fantastic tits in that frock too, FS

dyzzidi Wed 01-Jun-05 18:05:15

Wow you look amazing I hope you had a great day!

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