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Me on my wedding day ( nearly 2years ago!!)

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karen01 Thu 26-May-05 17:42:06

This is me 16/08/2003 at my night time party I was fairly drunk by the time this was taken.
I have put on a bit of weight now got 2 stone to go to get to this size again I will blame the pregnancy with DS last year for that

Gobbledigook Thu 26-May-05 23:28:02

Lovely picture karen.

LGJ Thu 26-May-05 23:30:38

You look perfectly sober.

Lovely pic BTW

handlemecarefully Thu 26-May-05 23:35:01

Nice piccy - you look happy and contented with life. Quite a catch is he - your dh?

karen01 Fri 27-May-05 06:05:56

hmc- I think so he is my best friend aswell as hubby.

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