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Titanias DS2

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Titania Tue 24-May-05 15:39:06

i hope!!

starlover Tue 24-May-05 15:39:37

awwwwww, what a cutie!

TrophyWife Tue 24-May-05 15:40:19

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww lovely

tiffini Tue 24-May-05 15:40:58

awww, how sweet is he

Evesmama Tue 24-May-05 15:42:37

he's adorable honey!

Kelly1978 Tue 24-May-05 15:42:38

aw he is so cute - how old is he?

Titania Tue 24-May-05 15:43:26

15 months.......he had just realised he could throw the cushions of my bed!!!

Lizzylou Tue 24-May-05 15:44:27

Fab head of beautiful blonde hair for 15mths!!!
he looks very cheeky!

noddyholder Tue 24-May-05 15:47:25

he is so cute

Kelly1978 Tue 24-May-05 16:12:48

so thats y he looks so pleased with himself! such a cheeky smile.

Titania Tue 24-May-05 17:23:56

he looks very different in a temper! lol

Thomcat Tue 24-May-05 17:26:49

one word sprung to mind and that was PICKLE, he looks like a right little pickle, he's lovely.

Titania Tue 24-May-05 17:37:35

lol thomcat yes he is!!! hows things with you hun?

Thomcat Tue 24-May-05 19:38:45

Ha haaa, i'm going to come to this thread everytime I feel sad and look at his little cheeky face, he's fab!
I'm fine babes, well, you know, sick one minute so feel crap and then when i don't feel sick I'm paranoid!
Thanks for asking. Hope you're feeling okay.

Titania Tue 24-May-05 20:55:07 wouldnt be saying that at the moment.....he wont stay in bed!!! lol.....

im as ok as i can be. How many weeks are you now?

LGJ Tue 24-May-05 22:06:33

I think I have his brother at my house,.... I took DS(4) in from playing in the garden , gave him a shower, and then said ooops we forgot wee wees...he replied, I did with the dog, when asked why he didn't come in and use the toilet, he replied..........because in means bed

You can't fault the logic, I have a funny feeling that your little man is out of the same mould.

Posey Tue 24-May-05 22:08:05

What a sweetie

Titania Tue 24-May-05 23:03:36

lol LGJ!!! they are cleverer than they like to make out at times!!! lol

MarsLady Tue 24-May-05 23:11:44

lovely looking boy!

MarsLady Tue 24-May-05 23:11:51

lovely looking boy!

biglips Tue 24-May-05 23:12:07

he got gorgeous big blue eyes

Evesmama Tue 24-May-05 23:12:29

he really looks like you on your 'hair' piccy

kama Wed 25-May-05 01:01:24

Message withdrawn

imation Wed 25-May-05 18:44:28

what an angel

puma Fri 01-Jul-05 20:08:05

Message withdrawn

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