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this is emkana and her dd's

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emkana Sun 22-May-05 22:34:03


peckarollover Sun 22-May-05 22:34:21


wheresmyfroggy Sun 22-May-05 22:35:56

Patience pecka you only gave her 20 seconds

emkana Sun 22-May-05 22:38:50

looks like it will have to be resized...
so bear with me!

SaintGeorge Sun 22-May-05 22:46:12

You should have it back now

emkana Sun 22-May-05 22:50:40


Thank you sooooooooooooo much, SaintGeorge!

JoolsToo Sun 22-May-05 22:54:33

great piccy - where is it?

(could do with a close up )

Gobbledigook Sun 22-May-05 22:55:23

Great picture, but you're all a wee bit small!

emkana Sun 22-May-05 22:56:14

Eastnor Castle, near Ledbury - lovely place!

I know, you can't actually see that much of us - very flattering for me!

I have no idea how to resize pictures though, SaintGeorge did it for me, so I don't know if the picture could be made bigger?

SaintGeorge Sun 22-May-05 22:57:59

Thats the biggest it will go and fit.

I have a very large copy though and can confirm they are all very pretty .

SaintGeorge Sun 22-May-05 22:58:58

Hang on though - will try cropping the background a bit.

JoolsToo Sun 22-May-05 22:59:47

good idea

emkana Sun 22-May-05 23:00:17

Now I know why you are called Saint George - thank you so much for trying to help me...

emkana Sun 22-May-05 23:09:19

will it work to add a link to photobucket pictures?

SaintGeorge Sun 22-May-05 23:12:40

Done and sent back.

Sorry for delay one of the kids woke up.

emkana Sun 22-May-05 23:15:02

You're very very wonderful!!!!!!!1

JoolsToo Sun 22-May-05 23:17:58

excellent - the photobucket ones are even bigger!

lovely little girls emkana!

SaintGeorge Sun 22-May-05 23:21:40

Oh, the photobucket ones are lovely. Especially like the heads together one

emkana Mon 23-May-05 09:18:02

SaintGeorge went to soooooo much trouble to help me with this that more people should see this really

emkana Mon 23-May-05 12:49:54

Will I come across as a real saddo if I bump this again?

emkana Mon 23-May-05 13:54:58

Okay, one more time...

NomDePlume Mon 23-May-05 13:57:39

Lovely, all of you

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