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Here's one of all my DS's................are they twins with GDK's boys??

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emmatmg Fri 20-May-05 21:36:09

hang on.......

MarsLady Fri 20-May-05 21:36:45

Yes! How gorgeous!

emmatmg Fri 20-May-05 21:37:55

not a great picture but..........what'd ya thank then?

sobernow Fri 20-May-05 21:39:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

emmatmg Fri 20-May-05 21:41:32

Thank you sobernow, that's really lovely of you.

Bouj Fri 20-May-05 21:41:32

Ohh, they are so sweet. I can't wait to have a gaggle of boys!

Gobbledigook Fri 20-May-05 22:18:29


The other 2 don't look like mine I don't think but hard to tell cos they are older.

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