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Libb's liability . . . .

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Libb Mon 16-May-05 21:30:27

But so so beautiful with it - here he is before the "big scar of May 2005" across his forehead . .

charleepeters Mon 16-May-05 21:34:03

cant see him

Libb Mon 16-May-05 21:36:50

But I cancelled the posting because it told me the file was too big - I'm confused . . .

Sorry Charleepeters xx

SaintGeorge Mon 16-May-05 21:37:33

<<Photo techy person appears in puff of smoke>>

Need help resizing?

charleepeters Mon 16-May-05 21:37:49

thats ok im sure hes beautiful

Libb Mon 16-May-05 21:38:56

yes please SaintGeorge . . .

SaintGeorge Mon 16-May-05 21:39:54

Email it to me antlxstew @ (remove spaces)

Will send it straight back.

SaintGeorge Mon 16-May-05 21:51:20

Are you sending it Libb - 'cos I'm off to watch ER in a few minutes?

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