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Battendale - Chippendale

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JoolsToo Fri 13-May-05 22:22:46

she once made a request for this guy [eyes right]

Yorkiegirl Fri 13-May-05 22:23:30

Message withdrawn

Gobbledigook Sat 14-May-05 21:40:15


hunkermunker Sat 14-May-05 21:40:41

Oh, Soupy Bat, you've cheapened yourself

Newbarnsleygirl Sat 14-May-05 21:41:24

Whit wooooo.

Gobbledigook Sat 14-May-05 21:42:08

Oh come Hunker - don't give us that - you LOVE HIM!!!

JoolsToo Sat 14-May-05 21:49:15

this was a special request from a certain fish so ner!

hunkermunker Sat 14-May-05 21:53:28

I do love him, just never wanted to see so much of him!

I wonder if the owners of Soupy have ever seen any of these pics?! PMSL!

snafu Sat 14-May-05 22:00:05


hunkermunker Sat 14-May-05 22:00:51

You brazen hussy, Snaf

snafu Sat 14-May-05 22:02:16

Hey, a girl's got to get her jollies where she can, hunkster

hunkermunker Sat 14-May-05 22:02:47

Fair dos, Snafu - are you anywhere near exploding yet?

snafu Sat 14-May-05 22:03:59

Frighteningly near. The toffee apple tart was a resounding success but I'm feeling a bit Mr Creosote now. Yeeesh.

hunkermunker Sat 14-May-05 23:41:53

Are you sure you won't have an after dinner mint?

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