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For lou....Hello my name's Abi and oddly I'm...a bi!

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fastasleep Wed 11-May-05 19:44:38

I'm just announcing it. This is me. (If I can work it out)

Oh yes I was meant to say - Saggy, stretch-marky, pregnant, bi-sexual seeks hot lesbian.

lou33 Wed 11-May-05 19:45:48


snafu Wed 11-May-05 19:46:10

Hmmm. You are rather attractive...

lou33 Wed 11-May-05 19:46:26

at your comments not the pic!

v attractive

lou33 Wed 11-May-05 19:47:13

saucy look in the eyes

fastasleep Wed 11-May-05 19:47:14

*takes this opportunity to madly and repeatedly post her MSN address*


fastasleep Wed 11-May-05 19:47:52

You mean the 'oooh yes, yes....I'm about to.... breastfeed' look... very sexy isn't it.

morningpaper Wed 11-May-05 19:49:40

I'm snorting so much that DH is going to guess I'm not working....

fastasleep Wed 11-May-05 19:50:54


QueenEagle Wed 11-May-05 19:51:49

Oi you lot - get yer hands OFF - I was sniffing first!!!

fastasleep Wed 11-May-05 19:55:38

Have I found a mumsnet girlfriend? Wow fast! Pmsl!

QueenEagle Wed 11-May-05 19:58:08

I have first refusal seeing as it was our msn convo that sparked you off on this!!

fastasleep Wed 11-May-05 19:59:20

QE how could I refuse you....

fastasleep Wed 11-May-05 20:04:41

Is lesbian flirting a first for MN?

QueenEagle Wed 11-May-05 20:13:01

My profile's better than yours ner ner ner ner ner

fastasleep Thu 12-May-05 08:29:50

Yeah but you only let me see yours lol

Spacecadet Thu 12-May-05 12:05:25

tut tut tut! absoutely disgusting! im going to start a thread complaining about thissort of for you queen eagle, youre dumped, you 2 timing little minx....sniff...

Spacecadet Thu 12-May-05 12:06:31

and you too fastasleep, i though you were mine and mine only...[heartbroken emoticon].

lou33 Thu 12-May-05 12:09:33

pmsl, this thread title sounds like fastasleep is trying to pick me up!

fastasleep Thu 12-May-05 12:17:14

I'm honestly not....although from the pic on your profile.......

lou33 Thu 12-May-05 12:18:48


flum Thu 12-May-05 12:18:49

you're pretty, but not enough to turn me, go back to sleep.

fastasleep Thu 12-May-05 12:23:46

flum! I've totally gone off you!

lou33 Thu 12-May-05 12:27:54

poor fastasleep

squeezes hand...

fastasleep Thu 12-May-05 12:28:41

Oh god you lot you're confusing me! Lol

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