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|For hub2dee

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misdee Sun 08-May-05 21:56:40

well you mentioned bundlers in the baby clothing thread lasty week so here is one of serena in her bundler.

ja9 Sun 08-May-05 22:24:51

wow to her hairdo. she's a stunner.

hunkermunker Sun 08-May-05 22:25:53

Aw, sweetheart! She's SO gorgeous, Misdee!

hub2dee Sun 08-May-05 22:26:01

OMG misdee, she'll never learn to walk.


Will you me another shot with more of a smile for mummy ?

Aero Sun 08-May-05 22:26:43

What a wee stunner with a cracking head of hair!!

misdee Sun 08-May-05 22:27:28

one here hub2dee

hub2dee Sun 08-May-05 22:29:03

Tee hee. Looks cheeky.

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