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newborn pic of serena (lets compare her hair)

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misdee Sun 08-May-05 21:33:16

one moment

misdee Sun 08-May-05 21:38:14

there we go.

blueteddy Sun 08-May-05 21:46:02

Wow, loads of hair!
You will be able to plait it soon!
Did your other dd's have lots of hair when they were born?

misdee Sun 08-May-05 21:47:08

dd1 had a mohician, dd2 had similar amounts of hair.

Surfermum Sun 08-May-05 21:49:08

Wow! I thought my dd had lots of hair when she was born, but your's beats her hands down. Did you get lots of heartburn? I did and everyone said I'd have a hairy baby. I thought I was going to give birth to a monkey.

mmmmchocolate Sun 08-May-05 21:49:25

So sweet, if only my dd would sprout some hair, only got it on top. People tell me what a lovely little boy i have, i want to kill them.... she is always in pink. What are these people on!!!!~?

foxd Sun 08-May-05 21:49:59

She's lovely, how old is she now?

misdee Sun 08-May-05 21:51:34

10 weeks now.

hatsoff Sun 08-May-05 21:59:52

she's beautiful misdee. Almost makes me want one. Congratulations (belatedly)

swiperfox Sun 08-May-05 22:07:57

She's soooo cute!!! Our dd had twice that hair when she was born - she looked like she was wearing a wig until she was about 1 when she finally grew into her hair lol

misdee Sun 08-May-05 22:08:52

compare with this one

WideWebWitch Sun 08-May-05 22:12:28

Blimey, what a difference 10 weeks makes, it's quite incredible! She's a sweetie misdee.

swiperfox Sun 08-May-05 22:29:38

She's gorgeous misdee - she looks loads like my dd in that pic! THey look mad with all the hair dont they?

misdee Sun 08-May-05 22:32:45

she looks madder when dh puts her hair so its spikey and more sticky up.

hunkermunker Sun 08-May-05 22:38:12

Oh, wow! A VERY newborn Serena! Is it pronounced Sereena or Serenna? Either's really pretty!

And did you have heartburn when you were pregnant? Bit of an old wives tale, but hair=heartburn, apparently (did with DS - he had lots of hair too - but not quite that much!) xxx

misdee Mon 09-May-05 07:41:10

loads of heartburn.

its pronounced sereena.

spagblog Mon 09-May-05 07:58:53

She's beautiful!

ghosty Mon 09-May-05 08:06:09

How gorgeous misdee ... then and now!
Sorry to go agains the old wives tale but I suffered from heartburn and both my babies were baldy baldy garibaldy ...

In fact DD at 15 months still only has a little bit of fluff on her head ... people think she is younger than she is ...

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