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SPARKLER1 Sun 08-May-05 11:48:26

I've decided to be brave and post my piccie on at last. Dh and I were off to a black tie do on this one.
Just a brief bit about me:
I'm 33. Live in Poole. Have two dds ages 3 and 5. Dh and I have been together for 17 years and married for nearly 7 of them.
Am a total MN addict.

swiperfox Sun 08-May-05 11:53:44

About time too!!
You both look fantastic!!

blueteddy Sun 08-May-05 12:06:26

Great to be able to put a face to the name!

SPARKLER1 Sun 08-May-05 12:17:06

I must try and get organised and get some on here of dds. They are gorgeous - well I would say that wouldn't I?

Blossomhill Sun 08-May-05 13:38:29

Lovely picture Sparkler. Really nice to put a face to a name

nikcola Sun 08-May-05 13:38:44


kama Sun 08-May-05 14:57:07

Message withdrawn

MarsLady Sun 08-May-05 15:21:10

You look fab! And as already mentioned... very classy oh sparkly one!

SPARKLER1 Sun 08-May-05 15:35:30

Don't always dress this posh. Am sat here in my baggy t-shirt and leggings with ankle warmers. LOL

Aero Sun 08-May-05 15:41:09

Very swish Sparkler and a very dapper dh on your arm! Nice to have a face to put to the name. You look great!

NomDePlume Sun 08-May-05 16:21:03

Aero said it all, perfectly. You are one (of the many) MNers who I always wonder about looks-wise, mainly because your name doesn't give much away

SPARKLER1 Sun 08-May-05 16:35:05

that's not really a true description of my clothing today BTW!!

SPARKLER1 Sun 08-May-05 17:23:56

NDP - perhaps I should have called myself Mysterious Girl

SPARKLER1 Sun 08-May-05 21:36:21

C'mon if I can do it you all can. Wanna see more piccies on here!!

SPARKLER1 Sun 08-May-05 21:42:47

Everyone cheats by putting photos of their kiddies on. LOL

Surfermum Sun 08-May-05 21:44:43

You look familiar. Have I met you somewhere before?

SPARKLER1 Sun 08-May-05 21:48:45

I believe you may have done.

Come on Surfer get your photo up!!!

SPARKLER1 Sun 08-May-05 21:59:09

......and you Bunny2. You must have one of you and Timmy hanging around somewhere.

nailpolish Sun 08-May-05 22:02:44

hi spark! wow you do look glam! hows the family?

its nice to put a face to the name

SPARKLER1 Sun 08-May-05 22:04:14

Hi NP. Long time no chat. How are you? The family are ok - well about the same really. Step-dad is amazing us all - although he isn't that great.

PuffTheMagicDragon Sun 08-May-05 22:07:38

You look tres chic and very glamorous.

Haven't been to a really posh do for ages, must find an excuse to really dress up!

nailpolish Sun 08-May-05 22:07:44

so you think hes doing ok then? or not. hes home i take it.

my 2 dd's spark (2 yrs 6 mths and 6 mths, so same age difference as yours?) are driving me round the bend lately, but thats another story

maybe one day ill have to get your expertise in survival tips

SPARKLER1 Sun 08-May-05 22:09:38

Dr's advice still stands. DSD could get another "funny turn" and he may not pull through next time. We are just amazed he has got through all these months when we thought we were going to lose him before xmas. He has amazed the consultant.

SPARKLER1 Sun 08-May-05 22:09:59

thanks PUFF.

nailpolish Sun 08-May-05 22:11:40

just take each day at a time, eh?! good for him

just take it easy, dont get too stressed, hope your mum is ok x

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