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foxd Sat 07-May-05 23:58:15

Hi, have just had the internet installed and am hooked. I'm 27 and live with dh and two sons aged 4 & 3. I'm working part time through an agency as a healthcare assistant and am studying an access to health science course (2 ass's due in on mon ahhhh!!!) goin on to study nursing (child)in sept. Have been watching threads and its reassuring to know that other people are dealing with the same things as me.

hunkermunker Sat 07-May-05 23:58:48

Hi Foxd - welcome to MN! Enjoy...but be's addictive!

sparklymieow Sun 08-May-05 00:00:08

get out now........ you have been warned....... its very addictive... this mumsnet thing....
Hi, Im 26 with a 7 year old DS and two DDs 4 & 3

Surfermum Sun 08-May-05 00:00:18

Hello Foxd. If you want to get any studying done I would cut off the internet now as this place is very addictive! Welcome and seriously you will find lots of support on all sorts of things here and get lots of laughs.

SPARKLER1 Sun 08-May-05 00:02:14

Helloooooooooo and welcome - ditto what everyone else says. I was going to bed three hours ago!!!
You'll have fun here. x

foxd Sun 08-May-05 00:11:38

Thanks for advice but its too late im hooked.
The house is lovely and quiet ever1 is in bed....savouring the moment! I cant hear myself think during the day so love it when its like this. As they get older do they get quiter or should I buy myself some earplugs now and be done with it?

SPARKLER1 Sun 08-May-05 00:19:44

Definitely get the earplugs ready. Mine are 6 and 3 and bad enough already. Don't forget when they get older they will start playing their music full blast and, us being the old fuddy duddy parents won't be able to stand the racket of their kind of music, so they will come in useful then if not now.

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