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First Time Mum in Warrington, Cheshire

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Soph2403 Fri 06-May-05 14:39:18

Hi. I am Sophie and I am 31 yrs old, married and first time mum to Thomas who is 9 months old. We live in Warrington,Cheshire. Just saying Hi to u all.. new to site..sorta

Twiga Fri 06-May-05 14:59:17

Welcome to mumsnet Soph, and belated congrats on your wee boy!

LittleMissShy Fri 06-May-05 15:51:49

Hi Soph, welcome to mumsnet, I am orginally from Warrington but now live in Dubai

Soph2403 Mon 09-May-05 11:17:22

littlemissshy - big difference from warrington,dubai lovely. what part of warrington you orginally from

BethAndHerBrood Fri 13-May-05 14:25:33

Hi Soph, we spend a lot of time in pizza hut at warrington, the one near the big mothercare and all those blokey shops!!!!

LittleMissShy Sat 21-May-05 07:00:18

Hi Sophie, sorry didn't reply to your message but not had much time to go on the puter at the mo, I grew up in Latchford and went to school in Orford, lived in London for 14 years before moving to Dubai, and yes, it is a lot different from Warrington not as much rain!!!

Which part of Warrington do you live in, my family still live in or around Warrington so used to come back quite a lot

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