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My Lil' Sweetheart

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Evesmama Tue 03-May-05 09:44:11

I'm just so proud of her and love her more than chocolate!!!!

lilsmum Tue 03-May-05 09:48:09

waiting in anticipation evesmama...did your name used to be mrsmiawallace?

Evesmama Tue 03-May-05 09:50:34

yes hun, it did

Merlin Tue 03-May-05 09:50:56

What a pretty little girl!!!!

lilsmum Tue 03-May-05 09:55:08

oh i remember how kind you were to me a while back

didnt realise you had changed your name xx

very cute dd xxx

coppertop Tue 03-May-05 09:59:20

Awwwwww! What a little cutie she is! She's gorgeous.

Evesmama Tue 03-May-05 10:07:05

phew..thought id upset you then hun

thanks coppertop
she is a little darling, as long as she gets her own way

Evesmama Tue 03-May-05 10:31:22

a shamless bump
i want everyone to tell me what a good job im doing!!

the little bugger is stood hitting me with a spoon at the moment!!!

lilsmum Tue 03-May-05 10:36:40

i dont believe you evesmama...she looks far too innocent to be hitting you with a spoon lol

Evesmama Tue 03-May-05 10:37:57

yes, sorry i was wrong..its two spoons!!!and in the face now too...really helping my wisdom toooth!

lilsmum Tue 03-May-05 10:41:28

pmsl @ you AND your too cute dd

Evesmama Thu 05-May-05 22:48:05

this ones of dp, dd and me

Blossomhill Fri 06-May-05 16:01:41

OMG Evesmama - I didn't realise you used to be MrsMiaWallace

Evesmama Fri 06-May-05 16:06:23

yep...thought you never spoke to me much these days

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