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lockets little one

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lockets Mon 02-May-05 23:03:05

Message withdrawn

Gobbledigook Mon 02-May-05 23:04:37

Seaslug?!?!?! He's evil that froggy!!

She's scrumptious!

rickman Mon 02-May-05 23:06:29

Message withdrawn

MarsLady Mon 02-May-05 23:06:54

Mind your mouth frogspawn. She's lovely!

JoolsToo Mon 02-May-05 23:07:20

froggy! shame on you - she's absolutely gorgeous

mmmmchocolate Mon 02-May-05 23:07:45

i love all the babies on here tonight, we have all produced such lovely little ones.

AngelCakeUmm Mon 02-May-05 23:07:59

awww what a cutie all these pics are making me even more broody than i already am

QueenEagle Mon 02-May-05 23:08:05

Aaahhh all these baby pics are making me broody...!

hunkermunker Mon 02-May-05 23:09:31

She's SO gorgeous, Lockets!

<<broody alert>>

wheresmyfroggy Mon 02-May-05 23:12:25

My Baby, my (affectionate) nickname!!!!!! [sticking tongue out emoticon]

lilsmum Mon 02-May-05 23:14:40

right stop the cute baby pics now...getting me broody lol

very very very cute

biglips Mon 02-May-05 23:35:28

sssooooo cute!

QueenEagle Tue 03-May-05 00:30:41


lockets Tue 03-May-05 11:02:37

Message withdrawn

Gem1355 Wed 04-May-05 19:32:05

Lockets, beautiful!!!!

dinny Thu 05-May-05 22:03:26

ah, gorgeous little one. going to be a stunner, I reckon...

wheresmyfroggy Thu 05-May-05 22:05:05

If her parents are anything to go by.....

dinny Thu 05-May-05 22:13:14

Of course! Hey, T and T (get my drift!) got on soooo well today. V cute

wheresmyfroggy Thu 05-May-05 22:22:58

I missed that dw says yes they were playing really nicely

dinny Thu 05-May-05 23:09:31

missing being a bit of a SAHD then?

lockets Thu 05-May-05 23:16:28

Message withdrawn

dinny Thu 05-May-05 23:19:19

Ooh, she is starting to settle a bit (though ds still not under that definition!). Um, don't think we are going to WW tomorrow, R & S coming round here to play. Maybe will see if she fancies it....

JoolsToo Thu 05-May-05 23:20:09

I vote for Saskia!
she's cheered me up!

aaah I feel much calmer now

lockets Thu 05-May-05 23:23:13

Message withdrawn

lockets Thu 05-May-05 23:25:07

Message withdrawn

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