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Froggy's little fruitbat

(10 Posts)
wheresmyfroggy Mon 02-May-05 22:46:50

Cheeky monkey...........

Evesmama Mon 02-May-05 22:49:34

aw..what a sweetheart
like butter wouldnt melt!!!

JoolsToo Mon 02-May-05 22:51:09

this little one is truly eatable!

MarsLady Mon 02-May-05 22:52:40

the triplet!

AngelCakeUmm Mon 02-May-05 22:54:55

What an adorable ickle chappie he is

wheresmyfroggy Mon 02-May-05 22:56:12

She is a chapette

Gobbledigook Mon 02-May-05 23:01:04

Love the cheeks! Cuute!!

lockets Mon 02-May-05 23:13:57

Message withdrawn

hunkermunker Mon 02-May-05 23:14:47

She's beautiful! (And DS has just been called a girl on my thread - no, JT, I'm not bitter! )

Potty1 Mon 02-May-05 23:20:55

Love them chubby cheeks!

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