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I wanna put a pic of my little man on here - how do I do it???

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QueenEagle Mon 02-May-05 21:40:42

Help - I'm trying to figure out how to get a pic on but haven't the foggiest how to do it - would anyone mind helping me pls???

SaintGeorge Mon 02-May-05 21:45:17

Now you have started the thread, you should be able to see a clickable link. Click it and follow instructions. If you need pic resizing (has to be under 18K jpg format) send it to me

antlxstew @ (remove spaces)

QueenEagle Mon 02-May-05 21:50:46

Thanks St George - will have a go now....

jessicasmummy Mon 02-May-05 21:54:57

sg- mailed u - sorry for being cheeky!

mmmmchocolate Mon 02-May-05 21:55:18

I would like to put a pic of my dd on here, can some one help me too???

QueenEagle Mon 02-May-05 21:56:59

followed the instructions but I can't see a pic - does that mean it's too big? It says 036.jpg after the filename - what does that mean?

SaintGeorge Mon 02-May-05 21:57:13

No problem jm, done and returned

Start a thread of your own under Member Profiles mmmmmchocolate. Then you should see the link to click.

SaintGeorge Mon 02-May-05 21:58:11

Thats the filename QE. It should tell you if it is too big to upload. Send it over if you want me to check it for you.

JoolsToo Mon 02-May-05 21:58:33

georgey boy - would you like some help?

any of you girlies can also mail me at angrydriver2000 @ yahoo . co . uk (no spaces)

or you can get the Saint to do it all

SaintGeorge Mon 02-May-05 22:00:28

Georgey girl if you don't mind Jools

mmmmchocolate Mon 02-May-05 22:01:53

just emailed you

JoolsToo Mon 02-May-05 22:02:58

soz Techy

JoolsToo Mon 02-May-05 22:06:46

mmmchocolate have replied!

mmmmchocolate Mon 02-May-05 22:08:51

keeping my eye out for it... thank you x

QueenEagle Mon 02-May-05 22:36:06

SG - hopefully this time I have successfully sent you the pics by e-mail!

QueenEagle Mon 02-May-05 22:58:30

HOORAY at last I have done it!!

So here finally, is my littlest man!

Gobbledigook Mon 02-May-05 22:59:15

- ahhh, lovely!

mmmmchocolate Mon 02-May-05 22:59:47

I wanna hug him... he is georgous x

JoolsToo Mon 02-May-05 23:00:15

we're surrounded by loveliness tonight

mmmmchocolate Mon 02-May-05 23:03:45

It is a very nice night on here tonight.

rickman Mon 02-May-05 23:05:23

Message withdrawn

QueenEagle Mon 02-May-05 23:09:40

My littlest man, James, is 4 and a half mths now. This pic was taken a couple of weeks ago. He's so scrumptious and lovely, I could eat him!

QueenEagle Mon 02-May-05 23:25:05

I'm shamelessly bumping this

biglips Mon 02-May-05 23:27:22

aww.. cute little thing !

QueenEagle Tue 03-May-05 00:29:44


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