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gem1355 Gorgeous DD today!

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Gem1355 Mon 02-May-05 18:48:56

Couldn't resist she looks sooo gorgeous in this photo had to share!

Louise1980 Mon 02-May-05 18:51:11

Gem the photo isnt there?

BROWNY Mon 02-May-05 18:51:40

Photo's not there - if you're having trouble start a thread asking for ST.George she's brilliant at picking up these threads and she's so very, very clever too

SaintGeorge Mon 02-May-05 18:52:04

No need for a thread Browny - I'm here

BROWNY Mon 02-May-05 18:52:48

God, St.George you made me jump!!!

Gem1355 Mon 02-May-05 18:54:55

It's here just taking it's time!!!

Louise1980 Mon 02-May-05 18:56:31

I wish you lot would stop showing pics of your gorgeous girls! I want one now! Feel so left out.

BROWNY Mon 02-May-05 18:57:31

Oh wow, she's a little beauty - you lucky, lucky mummy!! Take hundreds and hundreds of photo's, this stage doesn't last long at all and she'll change so much in just a few weeks - Congratulations she is a sweetie!! What's her name and how old is she?

SaintGeorge Mon 02-May-05 18:57:52

She's lovely Gem. Another yummy baby to make me broody

Gem1355 Mon 02-May-05 19:00:00

Her name is Darcie Maxine Elizabeth and willbe 5 weeks old on Wednesday. and she is as good as gold is laying on my legs asleep at the moment.

There is another photo (my favourite) a little futher down on profiles!

BROWNY Mon 02-May-05 19:02:57

You've picked a lovely name, so unusual and special. I hope she stays a good baby for you, my ds will be 1 on 18th May and he is so good, he never had wind (none!}, always sleeps through the night and even woke up with two teeth six weeks ago without any trouble at all! I'll go and try and find your other photo now

Gem1355 Mon 02-May-05 19:04:55

I love her name as it's unusual and you don't here it very often, she is good but suffers with her wind, altho she is getting better. and she does sleep alnite but sleeps with me for half of it!

Hulababy Mon 02-May-05 19:05:47

She is beautiful

BROWNY Mon 02-May-05 19:07:41

Gorgeous photo, she looks adorable!!

Gem1355 Mon 02-May-05 19:08:51


tiny01 Mon 02-May-05 21:11:57

Gem she is soo sweet with a little pixie face, mine is five weeks old on tue so one day between them and isnt it just love..... Congrats.

Gem1355 Mon 02-May-05 21:19:42

Absoultely Tiny1. it really is love

How has your five weeks been?

tiny01 Tue 03-May-05 09:41:33

well a mixture of highs and lows. She was born by elective cs which was fab. I was out of hospital in three days and recovered well and she was a dream. I have a five yr old and I didnt manage to bf him so was determined to bf my dd, got all the stuff and she was stuck to me for two weeks which was hard going cos she just seamed to be hungry all the time she would snack and then sleep. She dropped weight then gained then dropped weight and I felt awful thinking I couldnt produce enough. At three wks she had a temp of 39degrees and stopped breathing and went blue when bf so had to take her to A&E . They said she had a cold and that is what caused it. But she has continued to make chocking sounds and stop breathing for a few seconds on and off when feeding so we are off today to the hospital for tests for reflux. Otherwise brilliant.... how are you copeing?

Gem1355 Tue 03-May-05 18:24:10


I'm coping really well Darcie had a bit of weight fluctuation but is really putting it on now She just has trouble bringing up her wind. So on the gripe water now which seems to be helping but other than that sleeps all nite and awake most of the day!

tiny01 Wed 04-May-05 10:06:57

oh the little darling you are so lucky. We got perscription milk at hospital so crossing my fingers it will work. Have a good day

Gem1355 Wed 04-May-05 19:29:11

Hi tiny1 howz your day been? How was your day at the hospital?

Darcie had some photos done at olan mills today as brought a watch me grow plan and she looked gorgeous. she's benn shopping and jelly beans shoes have been brought for her today.

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