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Charliecats dds

(11 Posts)
charliecat Fri 29-Apr-05 22:00:26

Are here..

charliecat Fri 29-Apr-05 22:02:36

oh no they are not...another day maybe !!!

rickman Fri 29-Apr-05 22:23:44

Message withdrawn

charliecat Sat 30-Apr-05 09:15:09

I did indeed and Tasha wrote a reply right away, I lost it for days...over a week and finally found it and got it posted Thursday morning..
..I thought id be able to import a photo from yahoo but I cant...recently wiped pc...trying again though...

rickman Sat 30-Apr-05 09:18:55

Message withdrawn

charliecat Sat 30-Apr-05 09:24:40

Excellent...just took a piccy of them got it on pc but its way too big..have bumped up an old message hoping someone comes to my rescue so come back to see if this has worked

charliecat Sun 01-May-05 22:19:23

Done it! Only took a couple of days

Hermione1 Tue 03-May-05 15:24:21

awwwwwwwwwww how sweet!!! such lovely girls you got cc!!!

anorak Tue 03-May-05 15:27:38

They're real cuties, charliecat.

charliecat Wed 01-Jun-05 21:59:27

Here they are with a new friend

Puff Wed 01-Jun-05 22:00:32

Lovely girls charliecat .

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