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New member saying hi everyone!

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Mhamai Wed 27-Apr-05 14:04:01

Hi folks!

New to Mn, I'm 37 and live in Dublin Ireland.
I have a dd 18 and a ds 4, before you mention the gap in age there was nothing good on tv that night I enjoy writing poetry, am an avid fan of sponge bob and anything witty.
I am training to be a counsellor and am coming to the end of my first yr, dont have a dh or dp, enjoy a few glasses of vino, at the wknd, a good chick flick and loads of choccy's.

NomDePlume Wed 27-Apr-05 14:05:12

Fantastic, hi Mhamai !

Are you going to post a piccy ?

Aimsmum Wed 27-Apr-05 14:08:29

Message withdrawn

Fimbo Wed 27-Apr-05 14:10:46

Hi, Mhamai. You will soon be addicted. I'm Scottish (as is Aimsmum!) but live in England. I have dh (married 9 years this Nov) and dd (7 in June) and ds (16mths but looks about 3!)

Mhamai Wed 27-Apr-05 14:13:57

Waheeeey, didnt expect so many responses so soon, yeah would love to post pic, except don't know how

Lucycat Wed 27-Apr-05 14:16:03

Welcome! I live in sunny Stockport near Manchester, have 2dd's one 4 and the other 1, both have birthdays in about a fortnight - May is much tooo expensive!!

Prepare to be addicted!

Mhamai Wed 27-Apr-05 14:17:33

Have to dash off now, will check in later, byeeeeee

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