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hi, am new:)

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mand18 Tue 26-Apr-05 23:27:56

hello all, feel like new girl at school!! have dd age 3 and dd2 age 7mths, love mumsnet has given me some good ideas and made me laugh and cry already!

Aero Tue 26-Apr-05 23:28:57

Hi Mand18. Welcome to the mad,mad world of mn!

MarsLady Tue 26-Apr-05 23:30:05

esp when someone like Aero replies to your posts. lol

Welcome Mand18

JoolsToo Tue 26-Apr-05 23:30:40


Aero Tue 26-Apr-05 23:33:02

thank-you ML - ok - I admit - I am quite mad!! And a hopeless mn addict.
Be warned Mand - there is no cure.........unles your pc crashes!

mand18 Tue 26-Apr-05 23:43:55

WOW! is lovely to know other mums out there! DH works away a lot, can see me on the lap top a lot from now on!!!!

strugstu Wed 27-Apr-05 01:53:00

u best hope lap top crashes soon else u will be stuck here for ever like the rest of us poor souls

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