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Eidsvold's dd1

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eidsvold Tue 19-Apr-05 05:31:52

taken earlier this year.

eidsvold Tue 19-Apr-05 05:55:43

can't get pics small enough - any suggestions?!?!

eidsvold Tue 19-Apr-05 06:40:21

wow it worked!!!!

happymerryberries Tue 19-Apr-05 06:42:08

That smile is amazing. I think that she is thinking, 'Just you wait 'till I'm walking, then I can get into some pickles'. Beautiful!

lou33 Tue 19-Apr-05 08:47:28

she is beautiful eidsvold

SleepyJess Tue 19-Apr-05 09:11:20

She does indeed look as though she is cooking up a plot to get into some Bad Mischief!!! Bless er.. she looks gorgeous beyond words, love her heart!

SJ x

Potty1 Tue 19-Apr-05 09:16:06

She's just gorgeous eidsvold -

Merlot Tue 19-Apr-05 12:54:49

She's lovely Eidsvold Couldnt view the picture of your dd2 though

NomDePlume Tue 19-Apr-05 12:59:52

what a sparkly little girl, none of this smiling nonsense that is a full on

coppertop Tue 19-Apr-05 13:02:48

Awwww! She's gorgeous!

I agree though that she certainly looks as though she's planning something that she probably shouldn't be.

nailpolish Tue 19-Apr-05 13:06:17

she is beautiful! very 'butter wouldnt melt'!!!!

chonky Tue 19-Apr-05 13:07:35

what a cheeky grin she's gorgeous

milward Tue 19-Apr-05 13:08:35

Super pic of your daughter who looks really lovely.

Hulababy Tue 19-Apr-05 21:21:21


Dahlia Tue 19-Apr-05 21:46:07


marthamoo Tue 19-Apr-05 21:47:16

She's beautiful

Gobbledigook Tue 19-Apr-05 21:47:35


soapbox Tue 19-Apr-05 21:52:15

Oh she's lovely

She looks up for a bit of fun though

And walking too (from another thread IIRC)!

eidsvold Tue 19-Apr-05 21:56:41

this photo along with another were taken when we got some family pics done .... SHe looked so gorgeous and grown up that I started crying in the photo studio. She does a good 'butter wouldn't melt' usually just after she has done something she knows she shouldn't

tamum Tue 19-Apr-05 21:57:30

Gosh, she's grown up so much since the last pic I saw! What an utter cutie-pie.

sooooooooexhausted Tue 19-Apr-05 21:58:22

what gorgeus hair and shes a dote

trefusis Tue 19-Apr-05 22:00:09

Message withdrawn

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