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sansouci's raison d'être

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sansouci Mon 18-Apr-05 22:27:54

see if it works...

colditz Mon 18-Apr-05 22:29:50

can't see anything...

sansouci Mon 18-Apr-05 23:15:15

rats... can't get image small enough to post. Any ideas for this techno-idiot?

SaintGeorge Mon 18-Apr-05 23:22:40

email it to me and I will resize it.

antlxstew @ (remove spaces)

sansouci Mon 18-Apr-05 23:41:21

Thanks StG. Can you tell me how you do it, too?

SaintGeorge Mon 18-Apr-05 23:56:35

Pic and instructions on the way to you

sansouci Tue 19-Apr-05 00:01:01

thank you!

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