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SaintGeorge Sun 17-Apr-05 19:01:06

Posted for Browny.

Here's Browny's Boy - 10 months old

NomDePlume Sun 17-Apr-05 19:01:41

what a cutie

compo Sun 17-Apr-05 19:02:38


Hulababy Sun 17-Apr-05 19:03:39

What a sweetie

fastasleep Sun 17-Apr-05 19:07:33

He really is that gorgeous all the time

SaintGeorge Sun 17-Apr-05 19:08:26

That pic is a bit tiny - just a sec.

SaintGeorge Sun 17-Apr-05 19:09:14

That's better - now you can see him properly

BROWNY Sun 17-Apr-05 19:12:12

Thanks SaintGeorge, - you wouldn't be trying to show off now would you . *You are so clever*

BROWNY Sun 17-Apr-05 19:24:39

Biglips - look, it's here now!

BROWNY Mon 18-Apr-05 10:25:19

Just bumping up!

spots Mon 18-Apr-05 11:01:00

Very gorgeous, Browny!

BROWNY Mon 18-Apr-05 11:38:15

Thanks Spots, we all think so too - he looks just like his big brother [now 5), although he has dark brown eyes like big chocolate buttons!

biglips Mon 18-Apr-05 11:44:52

hooray !! he got big brown eyes hadnt he?

hunkermunker Mon 18-Apr-05 11:45:37

He's adorable!

Hermione1 Mon 18-Apr-05 11:57:50

aww browny hes so gorgeous. Where you in mcdonalds by any chance??

BROWNY Mon 18-Apr-05 20:08:06

Biglips, j's eyes are the most gorgeous blue, dd1 has hazel, dd2 brown, ds1 brown and ds blue - so I managed to cover all colours! .

Hermione1 - yes, it was in Wigan the other week - that was a swizz, Wigan Pier - ha! Not recommended at all!

NomDePlume Mon 18-Apr-05 20:09:13

Wigan Pier is the funniest thing I've ever seen! It's built up as some sort of big attraction in that area and yet it's just a tiny old rotten piece of wood on the side of a canal.

BROWNY Mon 18-Apr-05 20:18:31

I know! I kept looking at the "Attraction" signs and thinking, "it's got to be around here somewhere", the kids walked under a little bridge by the canal and said, "it this it?", exactly what I thought.

I had much more fun at Easter on Southport Pier, lovely day, nice walk along the Pier and had an hour in the Old Fashioned Arcade at the end - using the Old Penny coins! Kids loved it!

BROWNY Wed 20-Apr-05 11:47:12

Looks like it's photo day - he's my little bundle!

Gobbledigook Wed 20-Apr-05 12:01:18

Where did my post go? I just did one 10 mins ago!

He's gorgeous!

BROWNY Wed 20-Apr-05 12:38:07

He really is - I can't stop kissing him (he licks me back - ahhh..).

It's lovely having a little one to cuddle again and watch all the 'firsts' - my other three have grown up so fast - I was watching videos of when they were little like ds and felt a bit sad that it went to quick .

MarsLady Wed 20-Apr-05 12:45:59

Look at those gorgeous eyes. Hello sweetie, I've got a daughter for you to meet. lol

Lizzylou Wed 20-Apr-05 12:48:22

Those eyes are fab, bet he gets whatever he wants, just by batting those eyelashes! Gorgeous!

BROWNY Wed 20-Apr-05 12:49:50

MarsLady - unfortunately he has an 'older woman' already - she was 1 two weeks ago, will let you know if she pinches his biscuit at playgroup and they split-up lol .

Have another gorgeous boy, same huge eyes (brown this time) but he's quite a bit older - 5!

BROWNY Wed 20-Apr-05 12:53:09

Oh, he's the star in our house for sure! His sisters and brother dote on him - running around, making him laugh and playing toys with him - and if he cries, they all go running to him!!.

His brother's 5 and half and my dh calls him my, "Golden Boy" as I do let him get away with murder - well mummy's boy's perogative!!

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