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South Park Snafu

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snafu Sun 17-Apr-05 14:19:08

Hmmm, who knows if this will work....

NomDePlume Sun 17-Apr-05 14:24:14

not as yet

snafu Sun 17-Apr-05 14:29:03

ooops, bit small lol. it does look like me though

NomDePlume Sun 17-Apr-05 14:31:13

you're a boss-eyed babe snafu

snafu Sun 17-Apr-05 14:32:03

I am that, ndp

SPARKLER1 Sun 17-Apr-05 14:33:00

Wow you are stunning!!

snafu Sun 17-Apr-05 14:33:09

Will try and get it a bit bigger so you can see me in all my glory

hunkermunker Sat 14-May-05 17:10:26

Just as I imagined!

SoupDragon Sat 14-May-05 17:17:18

I'm sure I've seen you somewhere before...

snafu Sat 14-May-05 17:48:24

rofl - had forgotten about this!

Actually, it's a bit misleading - faaaar too flattering...

snafu Sat 14-May-05 17:52:04

this is the link if anyone wants to create their own highly-flattering likeness, btw

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