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MamaMaiasaura Fri 15-Apr-05 00:20:03

Hi all. Right I am 29 (30 this year.. yikes!) Mum to 1 absolutely wonderful 5 year old boy.. I am a full time student nurse and hopefully qualify in 2006. I loke chocolate and new world wines.. and I am crap at thinking of things to say on a member profile

hunkersneakymunker Fri 15-Apr-05 00:21:14

Hi Awen

I'm 30 this year too - in June. When's your birthday?

RTKangaMummy Fri 15-Apr-05 00:24:50

can't see piccy yet

MamaMaiasaura Fri 15-Apr-05 00:34:26

In July

.. says pic is too big?

MamaMaiasaura Fri 15-Apr-05 00:38:39

how do i make file smaller?

SaintGeorge Fri 15-Apr-05 00:39:06

Email it to me Awen, I'll resize it.

antlxstew @ (remove spaces)

MamaMaiasaura Fri 15-Apr-05 00:51:44

ok.. I have sent them

SaintGeorge Fri 15-Apr-05 01:01:19

On the way back to you now

MamaMaiasaura Fri 15-Apr-05 01:04:11

thank you

MamaMaiasaura Fri 15-Apr-05 01:09:30

ekk it still wont let me!

SaintGeorge Fri 15-Apr-05 01:12:28

Eh? Is it still saying too big?

MamaMaiasaura Fri 15-Apr-05 01:15:45

No I was being dumb thank you.. chose one you suggested.

MamaMaiasaura Fri 15-Apr-05 01:16:07

does it show now? I just got a red x on my screen

SaintGeorge Fri 15-Apr-05 01:17:34

Same here. Very strange.

Do you want me to give it a go?

MamaMaiasaura Fri 15-Apr-05 01:20:08

Yes please

SaintGeorge Fri 15-Apr-05 01:23:40

Done - see new thread

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